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Rough-in & Wiring


Your smart home automation rough-in needs to commence before the project’s drywalls are installed. That’s where we work with your other trades to perform a clean rough-in that exceeds your expectations!


Cutting Edge Control Systems

You choose to select the smart home automation brand products that will be programmed and installed for you. We are here to give you consultation and integrate the brand that matches your specific needs.

Smooth Project Management

We will be planning and supervising the installation of basic and advanced audio, visual, network, and control systems for your smart home automation project.

Fantastic Showing & Functionality

Smart Home automation technology is your explicit winning card for showing the home for sale or resale. Imagine when someone walks into the house, you can blow their mind just by pressing one button to unlock the door.

Who We Are

Smart Home Automation 

Our team consists of a group of bright Programmers/Engineers with IT background joint with hands on Electricians with extensive site experience since 2008. Dana Smart Homes started its business with rough-in and low voltage services and expanded its services to smart home automation technology from 2010 led by the market demand.

Smart Home Services

Take Back Your Home’s Control

Lighting, Audio. Our experts do video, Security, Surveillance, and much more. We integrate the Smart Home Automation technology that you might already own with the best devices from the best brands to make your life easier! Call Alexa or Google Home to lock your door, see who is ringing your door, turn off lights or arm your home! All from a button or a simple voice command. That’s how you can use all these gadgets that have been added to your life but still regain control of them!

Security system

Security systems with smart door locks, live video doorbells and text message notifications can ensure you are always safe, whether at home or away.

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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting saves energy and lets you manage your lighting schedule through any mobile device or by using your voice.

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The homeowner can fully control different zones of the house to adjust music or movie playing in different rooms, all using a convenient touch panel.

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Climate Control

Smart climate control devices ensure consistent weather conditions throughout the house. In addition, scheduled heating or cooling can be set up while away from home.

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All blinds throughout the house can be scheduled to open or close at certain times of day or night. It all happens in one second by pressing one button!

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Video surveillance

The homeowner can monitor all activities either at home or while away from home; just by using an application installed on their smart home.

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Explore Amazon Alexa!

Many people think buying an Alexa device is a life-changing move toward smart home automation. This is true, but only to some extent. The home assistant device cannot use its full potential for a convenient lifestyle; unless all your home devices are set up and compatible with the Alexa device.

Apple HomeKit

The advantage of using Apple HomeKit, is that due to the popularity of Apple products; many of your existing smart home automation technologies at home could be compatible to use without having to change or replace too many devices. With the Home app, you can securely control the products you use in your home – all from your iOS device.
 Get control over your lighting, shades, thermostat, music or lock system through your apple iPhone, iPad or your apple watch!

Smart Door Lock System

Using the smart door lock system, the home owner can open up the door from downtown; for the cleaners, family or the mailman to drop a box. All is needed, is access through a smart home automation device to control the door lock system.

Crestron Is Among Best Brands You Can Choose

One of the main advantages of using the Crestron brand is the very user-friendly interface of its products. Crestron builds a bridge to smart home automation controls for many that may still be getting used to the technology. As a world-leading brand, Crestron is known for the compatibility of its products with different technologies out in the market.


Experience the magic!

The Control4 smart home automation brand combines elegancy and automation for the home owner to find all the technology from one source. The ease of integration with different systems and consistency of control through different devices is one of the advantages of the Control 4 brand. Control4 has implemented several innovative technologies into its systems. Together, they position Control4 as a leader in the home automation market.

Service Area

Based in Toronto, we offer our services to all GTA cities, including Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, North York, Markham, and Scarborough. Additionally, we serve other southern Ontario cities, such as Burlington.



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We know every project is different. That’s why we prefer to provide you with a quote for your smart home automation project based on a FREE Site visit within the GTA.

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While Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa provide excellent user platforms for home automation, they cannot match the advanced technology of Control4 or Crestron. Control4 and Crestron offer a range of products, such as smart light switches, dimmers, and audio amplifiers. You can enjoy the best features of both by using Control4 or Crestron as the core of your home automation system and integrating it with platforms like Apple HomeKit. A professional dealer can install and program these core systems and seamlessly integrate them with your favourite platform.
In North America, Control4 and Crestron are the two leading companies in home automation. Both offer comprehensive ecosystems that allow you to integrate various systems, including audio/video, lighting, shading, security, surveillance, thermostats, and more.
Home automation in a custom build offers convenience through centralized control, energy efficiency with automated adjustments, enhanced security via remote monitoring, personalized comfort, increased resale value, streamlined integration with smart devices, remote access convenience, and future-proofing for upcoming home technology advancements.

Home automation uses technology to control household devices like lights, thermostats, and security systems through a central hub communicating with smart devices via Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or other protocols. Users can control their homes remotely through mobile apps, voice commands with assistants like Alexa, or automated schedules. The technology aims to increase convenience, enhance security, and save energy by automating tasks and integrating devices into a cohesive system.


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